Sex-hungry trio in the garage.

There're nothing more grandiose and mind-blowing for young beautiful girl than drive an expensive car, shining in the sun and attracting the envious female and interested male glances. But if you have so plushy toy, so you must take care of it, grooming and fondling your auto, and you must have money enough to keep it in running order, listening to each of its needs and demands. Expensive car is very expensive pleasure, no doubt.Alice adored her red auto, very stylish, plushy and shiny, and she was ready to pet it around the clock. Unfortunately, it needed the recurrent examination and preventive measures.

So Alice drove her car in the garage where two skilful service men, Colin and Roy, got down to inspection, feasting their eyes on its beautiful owner. She left her favorite toy there and decided to visit several boutiques not far from garage - to relax and have fun from shopping. Some hours late, when she was moving to garage, her mobile phone came to life, and Alice had heard voice of service man who noticed about some problems with her car. It was small but annoying breakage that could bring the car to accident, but by the lucky chance, it had been found now, before possible sad events, and Alice was happy to know that she would stay alive and kicky because of these guys hit on it.

As more outgoing and loveful, Colin blabbed with Alice, while his buddy Roy was searching for a way to repair the breakage. At last, the car was ready, and Alice had to pay for repair. However, she was not foreseeing so heavy bill, spending her money in the boutiques, and now she owed pretty big sum, but she had no money enough on her credit card. While Alice was thinking over all possible exits of this situation, Colin and Roy had already found the one and only solution - they were not against the sex payment, all the more that their client was so sexy and looked very hot girl.As Alice decided to offer them the same, so she started from small teasing show, flashing by her panties and sexy hips, which the horny couple could see from under her extreme short dress. Without any unnecessary words, they came up to her, and the hottest of threesome action, which had ever happened in the garage, had been started.

Colin embraced Alice from behind, caressing her tits, the most favorite female goodie for him, while Roy was kneeing and checking out her pussy, still covered by silky panties. Alice adored such touches, through clothes, and her pink cave little by little filled with love juice, while her rosy nipples were getting hardness under Colin's touches. Meantime, Roy was thrusting her pinkie by his finger, sliding inside free and easy and petting her swollen clitty, and then he took her panties off, getting closer to Alice's pussy and started licking clit so tenderly and slowly that she felt herself on the seven heaven under the sweet torture. One more kiss, one more touch, and she came. It was the fastest orgasm in her life.

Roy enjoyed the spicy juice that overfilled his mouth, and he had swallowed it all for last drop, dreaming of one more dose of this sweet nectar, but Colin's voice brought him to reality, and he took his pants off (along with his buddy). Alice had seen two beautiful long and thick cocks, rocking before her eyes, and her mouth opened with rapture and thirst to swallow them both and all at once. As it was impossible, so she started teasing them by turns, now licking Roy's helmet, then tickling Colin's balls. Even in the most explicit dreams, she was never dreaming of so beautiful specimens, and regaling herself with the sweetest and hugest of lollipops, she could feel their hardness and power... It was breathtaking feeling - to suck them by turn, tasting and smacking, without a stop.

However, two studs were craving for checking out Alice's tight holes, and Colin, getting Alice bent forward, spread her pussy and had rammed it by one push of his mighty cock. Alice still kept Roy's dick inside her mouth, tonguing it and fondling his balls delicately, making Roy shivery and begging for more.

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