Hottest sauna action.

That day Alice with her new friends - the sweet couple of passionate lovers, Mary and Tom - had a good mind to visit some hot place as such relaxation after crazy week is necessary thing for modern people.

This young and sexy trio found some cozy rest - it was comfortable sauna - and placed there, dressed only in bath-owels and foretasting a good time and first-class relaxation, out of routine and fuss.Firstly, Alice was envious a little as her friends were successful and gorgeous pair but looking at Tom, Alice had noticed one exciting thing - he was craving for absolute power; he wanted to be the main in this couple. But Mary, in her turn, desired the same. So they looked like pair of politics from opposite camps, fighting for the primary place and main role in the public life and in sex too - Alice had suspected of it.Showing his primacy, Tom occupied the steam room while the girls had to blabbing on the sofa. Mary was angry as she wanted to take this place before Tom and in the cute head of this clever brunette appeared the grandiose plan - to seduce lovely Alice for trying to be the first in sex at least and take revenge upon him. So with such thoughts she placed her hand to Alice's shoulders, cuddling her a little.Alice had hit the Mary's wishes and let her make all that she wanted to do, touching her knee and hip delicately. Girls changed their place for playing - now they're fondling each other out of sofa, touching the most intimate spots and getting hotter, so they took their towels off.

Trying on the main role in sensual action, Mary murmured tender words, caressing Alice's hair and body, and asking about sweet kisses and delicate licking her honey pussy and promising the heavenly bliss in return for it.Alice dropped on knees before Mary and started to stroke her shaved pubis and then, moving apart her labia, touched by tongue Mary's love button. Kissing and tonguing wet clitty, Alice caressed hips and ass of her lesbian lover and looking forward to own bliss.

Getting clit kissed and sucked and lips licked, Mary, in her turn, offered Alice to lie down on the floor and be ready for amazing licking-action. Alice was all set.Deeply kissing sweet lips and thrusting Alice's mouth by her smart and hot tongue, Mary looked at spicy Alice's tit-teasing - the passionate playing with rosy nipples and gripping this youthful flash that Alice performed with great happiness didn't take notice on the displacing Mary to Alice's pussy, oozing with honey moisture.With legs, spreading wide and with flesh, shivering with bliss, Alice enjoyed by sweet and tender tongue teasing and finger working as Mary was showing the really mind-blowing art of pearl-diving.Meanwhile Tom decided to look through transparent door of steam room and oh, what's up! The breathtaking sight opened before him - two hotties in the sixty-nine position, licking each other shamelessly and passionately!

His first thought was about stopping it immediately but next, as this action was very exciting and his dick was getting hard-on, Tom decided to spy on this killing teasing with two kittens in hottest lesbo show, two babes having so sexy bodies and smart tongues, stroking the boning tool all over and enjoying with these sluts from outside.Stretching as a cat, with spreading legs and Alice's head between, Mary wriggled insanely under the prompt and soft blows of Alice's tongue and lips (as deep and hot as anything!), which were overtaking each of burning nooks of her wet hole. She moaned slightly, wasn't able to slide away from this mind-blowing sweet torture and she came near forgetting her lover, who was basking in steam room.


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