Hot lesbian seduction in dentist's office.

Alice was always afraid dentists. She'd known very well the shady pleasure - to be awkwardly placed in dentist's chair with wide-open jaws, trembling with fear and listening to a dental drill.But unfortunately it's the necessary procedure for everybody, esp. for young stunning girls. So Alice came into the shining with sterile cleanness dentist's office fearlessly as though it was an ordinary exam.Dr. Mary Dyke, a first-class specialist in dentistry, was waiting for Alice, the last but one patient that day. Dressed in snow-white clothes that fitted closely her still well-rounded but a little curvy body, this beautiful middle-aged woman was irradiating kindness and calm, looking like a goddess of health and purity. So Alice relaxed and placed in dentist's chair, giving herself in Dr. Dyke's careful hands.

It was a happy day for Alice and for her jaws as the dentist had found her teeth and gums looking very well. So Alice wasn't need in whichever treatment. Dr. Dyke, as usual in such cases, gave Alice some hygienic recommendations and advised new toothpaste.This short consultation, very useful and valuable, proved to be pretty pricey for Alice who had no money enough to settle the bill. But Dr. Dyke had offered the one and only exit, a little nasty but fine for both, for young and mature ladies.Yes, the brilliant dentist Dr. Mary Dyke was inclined to the lesbian affairs and yearning for it from college times. She's married already twenty years but all that time she kept in her mind the events happened while she was student.

Mary's room-mate, the attractive busty blonde Cindy was always ready for some naughty games. Once Cindy came into shower where Mary was basking under the warm streams and started to kiss and caress her naked body. First Mary was confused but she got excited by and by, feeling the fire between her legs, in the core of her innocent love nest...Those days were full of passionate lesbian teasing, so sweet and thrilling, turned into months of crazy female love but had finished in graduation day...At times, Dr. Dyke had found some Cindy's features in her patients, young sexy girls who gave themselves in her hands, looking naively in her eyes and Mary felt the partly- vanished glow of lesbian obsession. She even pleased herself then they left her office.

Being seduced years ago, she wanted to taste the same that Cindy could feel those days. She felt Alice, so sexual and sensual at first glance, was near to be ready for such experiments as she was indebted to doctor and it's the unique possibility to try again.Cuddling Alice's shoulders, Dr. Dyke started to whisper the words of encouragement, touching her breast.The situation was a little disgusting for Alice as she'd never tried sex with such mature woman as Dr. Dyke was. But she'd no chance and had to do anything for pleasing this lustful dentist.

So Alice, keeping her own tactics to be a nice girl with naive looks and sweet body, let Dr. Dyke
seduce herself. Placing tasty tits under doctor's voluptuous kisses, she plunged into the depths of lesbian passion without any thoughts about decency.Taking Alice's blouse off, fondling silky skin and tickling rosy nipples, Dr. Dyke was surprised as she'd forgotten her old feelings - her emotions were as if at first time, as if she'd never touched girl's tits. It was unbelievable!

Then Alice, in her turn, started to excite the ripe boobs, heavy and yummy, Mary found herself near the insensibility with out of this world feelings. She was delighted, craving for never-ending cuddling and kissing.

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