Fuck summit by the pool.

A cute blonde girl named Alice arrived in Los Angeles from her small home-town and while trying to earn her living took up any job available until her lucky day. An affluent businessman named Richard (or Rich as his friends usually called him) had a beautiful brownstone in the heart of Los Angeles.Amongst the hustle and bustle of the big city there was a quiet place where he could relax and where no one could bother him. For many years he had a maid coming over, an older woman who used to keep his house tidy for him and helped about the house when his friends came over.

Sadly, his maid fell sick and could no longer perform her duties. It saddened Rich since she was such a nice woman, but he knew that he had to find someone to take her place as soon as possible to keep up with her job.So after a few interviews with women from ads in the local newspaper, he came across a girl named Alice, who even though wasn't the most qualified, was definitely the hottest girl he had interviewed.So on her first day, Alice came over to take care of some of the odds and ends around the house. Rich gave her the tour of the house, and showed her some of the tasks that she would be performing.

He noticed right away that she was way different than any other maid he had employed. She was wearing a cute outfit that made her look younger than she was, and was very cheery and perky about what she had to dofor him, almost willing to do whatever he said.She did some light housework under Rich's supervision, and he not only liked the work that she was doing, but also enjoyed seeing her bendover his counters and picking things up off the floor.

Her tight stomach was exposed every time she reached high for something, and he thought about what he would do to every inch of her body. Alice was no angel, because she continually showed him more and more skin as she worked around the house to see just how aroused she could get him.As she was cleaning by the pool, she also struck up some flirty conversation with Rich.Rich had been alone for so long that he took right to the sweet talking, and it wasn't long before Alice unzipped his jeans and stuffed his cock deep between her glossy lips. Rich admired every inch of her perky teen body, and lay back on the lounge chair as she slid his dick deep inside her warm pussy.She began to ride him harder and harder as they both panted and moaned with delight. Rich did every position imaginable to Alice, and she enjoyed being penetrated deep in every single one.

Woman-on-top, man-on-top, side-by-side, rear entry or even crazy acrobatic positions such as a wheelbarrow ?C they could write a new Kama Sutra after they tried it all and even more in that frenzied fuck session by the pool.Still Alice felt heated and was willing for more experiments craving for a whole wealth of new nsations as Rich kept caressing her body and hrusting his rigid shaft deeper and deeper into her dripping snatch?

Finally, after she quivered and came all over his cock multiple times, she laid him down and sucked him off, begging for a taste of his pearly white cum.She got down on her knees and received his milky load all over her face and lips before lapping up every warm drop with a smile on her pretty face.They were both exhausted, but you can see that they definitely enjoyed fucking each other's brains out as they kissed passionately in the end.

It looks like Alice's got a job for a while, and she may have made Rich forget all about his old maid, too!

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